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What’s up? It’s Colton.I’ve been a Copywriter for a little over a year now, and the biggest hole I see in a lot of business owner’s funnels, is email.Their emails lack the right tone.They lack key pain points.Or it’s all AI-generated content, which in itself, is enough to drive me crazy, with all of the unnecessary emojis.You are here for many reasons, that all stem from one particular desire, and that is - you wanna increase your cash flow.Could I sell you a course? Probably.And then you’d have to spend hours of your time, learning and implementing.Could you continue using AI?Sure. AI’s not necessarily bad.But, if I gave you a problem, without much context at all, and you had to solve it in .098345 seconds, how great would your solution be?Working with a guy like me, ensures a few things for you:Unique Market Research
Quick Deliverables
Efficient Planning
Advanced AI Copy Enhancement
Emails That Speak To The Lead's Desires

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